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Rear-End Auto Accident Kills Motorist in Houston, TX

Posted by Lauryn Redden | Mar 16, 2021 | 0 Comments

Houston, TX – A rear-end vehicle left a woman dead and two injured in Houston, Texas.

According to KHOU11, a woman was driving a black Jeep Patriot at a high rate of speed and rear-ended a Dodge Ram pickup truck. After impact, the Jeep Patriot rolled several times causing the driver to be ejected and killed. A passenger in the Jeep had to be extricated from the wreckage. The passenger was transported to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The accident happened on Beltway 8 near Hillcroft in Houston, Texas.

What Are The Common Causes Of Rear-End Auto Crashes?

Throughout Houston, people drive cars, trucks and motorcycles every day as a means of transportation. Overall, people follow the traffic laws and try to drive safely.  However, even the safest drivers aren't immune from car accidents. That's because the driving behavior of others play a role in whether an accident occurs.

There are a number of careless and reckless driving habits that can cause a rear-end collision, but these are the most common:

  • Speeding – When drivers exceed the speed limit, it makes it difficult to stop in time to avoid hitting another vehicle.
  • Driving while distracted – Anything that interferes with a driver's full attention on the road can lead to rear-end accidents. Common examples include texting, adjusting the radio, or trying to pick something up from the floorboard.
  • Anticipating traffic control devices – Drivers are sometimes in a rush. Anticipating when a traffic light will change or trying to go through an intersection during a light change can lead to rear-end accidents.
  • Failing to adjust to inclement weather – It rains in Houston. When it does, the road can become slick. A motorist who does not adjust to the change in driving conditions can cause an accident.
  • Human error – Mistakes happen. Sometimes a driver's foot may slip off the brake pedal or a driver panics trying to avoid another accident.
  • Tailgating – Some drivers may follow closely behind. Sometimes it's because of road rage, impatience or simply inexperience. Tailgating reduces a driver's reaction time to avoid a collision if the vehicle ahead slows down or stops. posts these articles to keep the Greater Houston community informed about traffic accidents and other news. These blog posts are not intended to give legal advice. However, if you or a loved one has been involved in a similar accident and need help from an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact the Houston, TX Personal Injury Lawyers at Hernandez Redden Sunosky, LLP. Call 713.981.4100. Our lawyers can help you find answers and obtain monetary compensation for any lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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