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Know How to Protect Yourself Against Auto Insurance Company Tricks

Posted by Ian Hernandez | Oct 12, 2021 | 0 Comments

It seems like auto insurance commercials and advertisements are everywhere.  From Allstate's “You're in Good Hands” to State Farm's “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there”, auto insurers spend millions to portray themselves as caring and trustworthy.  But when it comes time to pay out a claim, injury victims will be met with suspicion and skepticism.  The auto insurance companies like to take premium payments but will do everything to preserve their bottom line by using tricks to deny, delay and underpay a claim.

Recorded Statements Only Help The Insurance Company

After an auto accident, an adjuster from the insurance company will immediately call you to begin collecting information.  The adjuster will appear sincere and genuinely interested in your well-being.  They'll tell you the insurance company is there for you.  They may tell you that it's necessary to give a recorded statement, and if you don't, it could impact your claim.  Don't fall for this trick. 

While many insurance adjusters are seemingly nice people, they are highly trained and skilled.  They've spent countless hours training and have extensive experience in extracting information that could damage your legal claim.  A simple question such as “How are you doing?” is intended to elicit the common and polite response of “Good” or “I'm okay.”  It may not seem like much, but any response that minimizes the accident or your injury will be used against you should you pursue a legal claim.  Your statements will be twisted to show your injuries aren't severe and are exaggerated.  Consult with an experienced personal injury attorney before talking with the insurance company adjuster.

Medical Records Will Be Used Against You

Car accidents can lead to all different sorts of injuries.  From scrapes and cuts to whiplash to broken bones and the need for surgery, car accident victims must show the insurance company their injuries were related to the car accident.  This seems simple enough, but it's not. 

Car insurance companies try hard to gather evidence to argue your injuries were already there (pre-existing injury), exaggerated or simply made up.  To do this, auto insurance adjusters will ask you to sign a release to allow them to gather your medical records.  They'll tell you that it's necessary to look at your medical treatment to understand the scope of your injuries.  This is true, but what they don't tell you is they will try to collect medical records from your healthcare providers from several years past.  The hope is they will find some medical information to use against you in your claim.  A previous single visit to a doctor for a back strain can give the insurance company the justification to underpay or even deny your claim.  Don't give them the ammunition.  Call an experienced personal injury attorney who'll provide the necessary and relevant information to the insurance company.

Delay, Delay, Delay

It's not uncommon for a person to feel overwhelmed after an automobile accident.  In addition to dealing with pain and limitation, inability to work and mounting medical bills, the person must deal with the barrage of calls and letters from the insurance company.  The insurance company knows pressure and uncertainty causes a person to become overwhelmed.  They'll delay because they want you to become sick and tired of the claim process.  They know delay creates an opportunity to take advantage of you at your time of weakness.  They'll offer you money to settle the claim and give you hope the process will finally end.  However, the money they offer is almost always a low-ball settlement offer. Remember: The insurance company adjuster may be friendly, but the insurance company is not your friend.  Their objective is to settle for the lowest amount possible.

Don't give in to the insurance company's delay tactic.  Don't take a settlement offer so the process will finally end.  There are many options available to accident victims to help manage healthcare and other expenses.  An experienced personal injury attorney can help you.

Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Hire A Lawyer

Insurance companies spend millions to hire and train people to become expert case value evaluators and negotiators.  The insurance companies provide their adjusters with almost unlimited resources to minimize and eliminate injury claims.  These resources include investigators, attorneys and an experienced management team to argue the accident was your fault and your injuries aren't as serious as you claim.  They know accident victims aren't sophisticated and well-funded as their multi-billion dollar company and they want to keep it that way.  Every effort will be made to convince you a lawyer isn't needed.  They'll tell you the claim process will conclude soon and the lawyer will unnecessarily take a portion of your settlement money.  Don't be persuaded by this trick.  Studies have shown that people who hire lawyers for their injury claim receive 40% more than those who go it alone.  Even more, the lawyer will handle all communications and negotiations so you can focus on getting better.

Seriously Injured In A Car Crash in Houston, TX?

Auto insurance adjusters aren't your friend, and they aren't looking out for your best interests.  Their only concern is their job and the bottom line of their company.  Don't fall for their tricks.  Contact an experienced personal injury attorney at Hernandez Redden Sunosky, LLP at (713) 981-4100 to level the playing field.  Our attorneys include former insurance defense attorneys who use 40+ years of insurance company experience to fight for you.

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